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What Are the Steps to Disable McAfee Ad Blocker?

Disable McAfee Ad Blocker – While surfing and browsing the internet, we come across many websites having advertisements and pop-ups in it. The idea of an advertisement to create awareness of the product so that people get more involved. But too many advertisements, popups, and redirected websites can be annoying at times.

In such cases, McAfee Ad Blocker can help you avoid the annoying advertisements and popups. Many McAfee Application has the McAfee Ad Blocker as an additional feature for the users. You can turn on and off this feature at your will.

What Are the Steps to Disable McAfee Ad Blocker?

Disable McAfee Ad Blocker

How Does McAfee Ad Blocker Work?

Unwanted popups and advertisements can affect your web surfing experience. In order to get rid of such issues, McAfee has a very efficient Ad Blocker Service which makes easy for the user to browse the internet.

  • Ad Blockers generally targets the dynamic content on your website with “Ad” attribute.
  • For that, McAfee Ad Blocker scans the website for such content that can be an Ad.
  • Then block these content from displaying on your computer.

Problems While Using An Ad Blocker –

  • Some websites do not allow the access if there are Ad Blockers used.
  • Also, if your McAfee subscription is about to expire then the ad blocker will stop working and you will get an additional popup to renew the McAfee services.
  • In both the cases, you are required to disable McAfee Ad Blocker.

The steps to Disable McAfee Ad Blocker are listed below. However, if you are facing any issue with the McAfee then feel free to get in touch with McAfee Support.

Steps to Disable McAfee Ad Blocker –

If you really wish to remove the McAfee Ad Blocker then here are the steps to turn off McAfee Ad Blocker Extension from your web browser. Even if you uninstall McAfee Antivirus from your computer, you have to manually remove McAfee Ad Blocker from your computer.

  • Launch the web browser which has the McAfee Ad Blocker on it.
  • Now right click on McAfee Ad Blocker icon at the tab section of the browser.
  • Click on the remove button on the screen.
  • If no such option appears then go to Extension settings. Different web browsers can have different settings. On Firefox browser, will find “Add-ons”.
  • Go to that section and click on the extension that you wish to remove/disable.
  • Remove the selected extension and then close the web browser.
  • Re-open the web browser and check whether the McAfee Adblocker is removed or not.

If you are unable to Disable McAfee Ad Blocker using the above steps then you can get assistance from an expert. For that, place a call at the toll-free number of McAfee Support and get a technician.

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Here are some common issues faced by users related to “Disable McAfee Ad Blocker”. If you are also having similar issues then feel free to get in touch with the McAfee Support. is 24/7 available to assist you with the issues that you are having.

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